Our Services

Network Services

Our Network Design, Installation and Support, Web Applications, Data Hosting and 24/7/365 Technical Support will make your business world class without the traditional investment.

Our voice and data network solutions enable you to take your office with you, anywhere with an internet connection. Your phone, workstation and all of your files and applications are there for you, whether you are at your corporate headquarters, working from home, or travelling the world.

Infrastructure Services

We design and supply your whole network! From the design plans to completion and support we provide everything.

Infrastructure Upgrade

Is your company looking for an upgrade? We will assess your situation and give you the best possible option for your company.

We specialize in infrastructure design. If you or your business would like to improve your network infrastructure, give us a shout. We can assess your current network situation and see how we can improve it. We’ll make an appointment and sit down for a chat and come up with a game plan. We can do the following:

  • Supplying IT equipment: PC hardware and accessories including servers, network hubs, ¬†printers, routers, etc. or existing IT equipment upgrading
  • LAN, WAN, VoIP, wireless network, network management & support
  • Server installation, configuration and setting up for applications, data storage and backup
  • Radio communication solutions on VHF/UHF channels
  • Microwave data communication solutions
  • Active Directory Domains
  • Exchange Email Servers
  • Network Security
  • General¬†Assessments
  • And much, much more….